UCL-NIMH JOINT doctoral TRAINING Program in neuroscience


About the program

The University College London – National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Joint Doctoral Training Program in Neuroscience is an accelerated graduate program for exceptional students in neuroscience. It brings together two powerhouses of neuroscience research, and allows students to conduct collaborative research between two laboratories, one at UCL, the other at the NIMH. Students are registered in the UCL Graduate School, and receive a PhD from UCL in 4 years or less. Scholarships include students’ fees and stipend, as well as a travel allowance.

The program is flexible, with the schedule for each student dictated by the demands of their research, and students spend approximately the same amount of time in their UCL and NIMH labs. Through partnerships with US medical schools, it is also possible for students to pursue an MD/PhD degree. The program welcomed its first student in 2009 and currently has 6 students enrolled (see Student Profile page). There will be at least 2 further scholarships available in 2014.

For an insider's view of the program, have a read of our first student's impressions here.