The UCL Motor Control Lab Finger Challenge

Dextrickery Open Beta testing competition - win up to £160 in Amazon vouchers!

The motor control group at UCL is challenging you to Dextrickery, the ultimate finger challenge!

Be part of out Beta Testing group until 28th Feb and win up to £160!

  • 1st Place: £160 GBP
  • 2nd Place: £120 GBP
  • 3rd Place: £80 GBP
  • 4th Place: £60 GBP
  • 5th Place: £40 GBP
  • 6th-10th Place: £20 each


Step 1: Email and we'll add you to testfight
Step 2: Install testflight (iOS 8 required)
Step 3: Open invitation email and install
Step 4: Play and win £160!


Step 1: Download here and install
Step 2: Play and win £160!

Team competition

You can also enter as a team of 3 or more players. Just email the list of players on your team to . Team standings (average of the 3 best players on each team) will be shortly posted on the online leaderboard.


To participate in the competition, you need to set group name under Settings to BetaTest and enter your email on the Questions page.

So, enjoy and play! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The Dextrickery development team

George Prichard
Naveed Ejaz
Emile Holmewood
Jörn Diedrichsen