Intentional Inhibition: from motor suppression to self-control

An international one-day expert workshop, supported by the European Science Foundation

Organising Committee:

Patrick Haggard, Richard Ridderinkhof, Marcel Brass

Speakers: Adam Aron, Roy Baumeister, Marcel Brass, Julie Duque, Arko Ghosh, Patrick Haggard, Alex Münchau, Paul Sauseng

Location: Institute of Neurology, 33 Queen Square, London

Date: Wednesday 25th September 2013


Recent progress in both psychology and neuroscience confirm that the brain circuits for inhibiting action are just as prominent and important as those for initiating action.  Moreover, inhibition is an essential aspect of behaviour regulation and self-control, particularly in social contexts. Most studies of inhibition have involved external signals to inhibit, yet adult humans possess the key capacity to inhibit their actions intentionally, through internal cognitive control.

This will be the first international meeting to focus on intentional inhibition. We will bring together a set of international experts with the following objectives:

- to explore the challenges for studying intentional inhibition scientifically

- to identify the brain mechanisms and processes for intentional inhibition

- to address the role of intentional inhibition in self-control

- to examine how intentional inhibition breaks down in disease

A nominal registration fee of £10/€10 will be charged. Tea/coffee will be provided during the breaks.

There will be a poster session. The best 25 poster abstracts submitted will be selected.A judging committee will view all the posters, give feedback, and award up to 5 prizes for outstanding posters.

Up to 10 travel bursaries of up to €200 will be available for early career researchers (PhD students, or up to 3 years post PhD) who submit posters.  The bursaries will be awarded on the basis of scientific excellence and relevance of the poster abstracts.

Pre-registration for the meeting is open at the following link: 


Please supply contact details so we can inform you how to confirm your registration, and of other news about the meeting.

Abstracts can be submitted from now at the following link:


Submission deadline is 1st June 2013.  Reminders of the deadline will be sent to pre-registered individuals.


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