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Session 14


Matlab and Cogent
This will cover:
Basic Programming skills required to write and debug simple functions and scripts

Simple variables and structures

Particular elements needed to analyse data from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

SPM data structures and programme architecture

Using Cogent for standard psychological experiments

Analysing Cogent data

This will cover:
Overview of the statistical theory underlying SPM

Introduction to spatial pre-processing of fMRI data

Practical introduction to experimental design

Practical analysis of fMRI data

EEG/MEG source localisation

Functional integration and Dynamic Causal Modelling for fMRI and ERP


MATLAB for Cognitive Neuroscience 2008/09


Session 1 - by Christian Ruff

Basic Intruduction to MATLAB: interface, functions, capabilities, debugging

Demonstration files:

View session_1 (Powerpoint) | session1.m | session1_test.m | mymaths.m | mytrigonometry.m

Download session_1 (Powerpoint) (session1.m ) (session1_test.m ) (mymaths.m ) (mytrigonometry.m ) - Right click on the icons.

Session 2 - by Christian Ruff

Variable types, matrices, cell arrays and structures

Demonstration files

View session2.m

Download session2.m - Right click on the icon

Session 3 - by Christian Ruff

Importing data into MATLAB, basic data anaysis and visualisation

Demonstration files

View data_analysis (Powerpoint) | descriptives.m | session3.m

Download data_analysis (Powerpoint) (descriptives.m ) (session3.m ) - Right click on the icons.

Session 4 - by Christian Ruff

Producing graphs in MATLAB

Demonstration files:

View graphs (Powerpoint) | graphs.m

Download graphs (Powerpoint) (graphs.m ) - Right click on the icon.

Session 5 - by Christian Kaul

How to think through your program

Demonstration files:

View session5 (Powerpoint) | sort_raw_data_RefFrames.m | barweb.m

Download session5 (Powerpoint) (sort_raw_data_RefFrames.m ) (barweb.m ) - Right click on the icon.

Session 6 - by Christian Ruff

Introduction to using Cogent for basic pychological experiment

Demonstration files:

View session6 (Powerpoint)

Download session6 (Powerpoint) | Session6.zip

Session 7 - by Christian Kaul

Graphics in Cogent: images; sprites; animation

Demonstration files:

View session_graphics_in_cogent (Powerpoint) | example1.m | example2.m | example3.m | example4.m

Download session_graphics_in_cogent (Powerpoint) (example1.m ) (example2.m ) (example3.m ) (example4.m ) - Right click on the icon.

Session 8 - by Christian Kaul

Complex stimuli in Cogent: create your stimuli

Demonstration files:

View complex_stimuli_tutorial.m | complex_stimuli_tutorial1_linear_ramp.m | complex_stimuli_tutorial2_grating.m | complex_stimuli_tutorial3_gabors.m | example4.m | gabor_cogentDemo_gabor.m | demo_patch_locazier.m | gaborFn.m | starfield.m | visang.m

Download session8_stimuli.rar | session8_stimuli.zip

Session 9 - by Marieke Scholvinck

Audio stimuli and use of external devices in Matlab/Cogent

Demonstration files:

View sounds (Powerpoint) | Matlab_sounds_simple.m | Matlab_sounds_complicated.m | sound_commands.m | sound_expt.m | keyboard.m | mouse.m | wind.m

Download session9.rar | session9.zip

Session 10 - by L Jalkanen

Controlling the eyetracker in the ICN, Eyetracker Toolbox & Cogent graphics in use

Demonstration files:

View Controlling the eyetracker in the ICN (Powerpoint) | interactiveEyetracking.m | interactiveEyetrackingDEMO.m | interactiveEyetrackingInstructions.m

Download Controlling the eyetracker in the ICN (Powerpoint) (interactiveEyetracking.m ) (interactiveEyetrackingDEMO.m ) (interactiveEyetrackingInstructions.m ) - Right click on the icon.

Session 11 - by Christian Kaul

Multivariate pattern decoding: Decoding Brain states with Matlab

Demonstration files:

View sessionMVPD2009 (Powerpoint) | MVPD_control_file_example.m

Download sessionMVPD2009 (Powerpoint) (MVPD_control_file_example.m ) - Right click on the icon.

Session 12 - by Marieke Scholvinck

Concepts of SPM data analysis

Demonstration files:

View & Download concepts of SPM (Powerpoint)

Session 13 - by Guillaume Flandin

Batching in SPM

Demonstration files:

View & Download Batching SPM (Powerpoint) (generic_preprocessing.m ) (editfilenames.m ) - Right click on the icon to download.





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