Dr Martha Turner

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience & Dept. Psychology
University College London
Alexandra House, 17 Queen Square
Telephone: 020 7679 5498


Current Research and Interests

My research interests are in cognitive neuropsychology, and particularly the role of the frontal lobes in memory. My current research has three strands: 1) The localisation of memory control processes and the testing of predictions from neuroimaging in patients with frontal lobe lesions. 2) Confabulation and distortions of memory following frontal lobe injury, particularly the role of reality monitoring failures and other cognitive deficits in the genesis of confabulation. 3) The links between confabulation and delusion, and the role of conscious and unconscious processes in monitoring memories and beliefs. My research involves both behavioural testing in patient populations and imaging methods in healthy volunteers.

Publication List