Developmental Group

Description of Research

Our aim is to investigate how certain cognitive processes develop in typically developing individuals and in developmental disorders, in particular autism spectrum disorder. One main focus of our research is the development of social cognition and decision making during human adolescence (SJB). Another focus is how dysfunction in specific neurocognitive cognitive mechanisms can produce the symptoms of autism (UF).

To address these issues of development and disorder, and to establish mind-brain mappings, we use the converging techniques of cognitive experimental studies, neuropsychological investigations, eye tracking, motion capture and neuroimaging.

Lab website

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Group Leader: Prof Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
Group Leader: Emeritus Prof Uta Frith

Group Members

Dr Vaughn Bell
Dr Geoffrey Bird
Ms Delia Fuhrmann
Dr Anne-Lise Goddings
Miss Emma Kilford
Dr Lisa Knoll
Ms Kathryn Mills
Prof John Morton
Dr Stefano Palminteri
Mr Ashok Sakhardande
Dr Sarah White
Ms Laura Wolf








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