Cognitive Neurology Group

Description of Research

The Cognitive Neurology team has research interests in:

•  attention and working memory

•  decision-making and action control

in healthy people and patients with stroke, Parkinson's disease and ADHD.

We want to understand how visual attention and short-term/working memory normally operate and interact, and how they might be disrupted in brain disorders. Our studies have led to new research strategies to improve inattention and working memory.

Until recently, we've focused on syndromes of visual inattention or hemispatial neglect following stroke. Now, we're applying the knowledge obtained from patients with focal lesions to other brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease (a neurodegenerative condition) and ADHD (a neurodevelopmental disorder) associated with inattention.

We're also interested in how people exert control over their actions and decisions, and how these processes are disrupted in neurological disorders. Until recently, we've focused on the role of medial frontal cortex (supplementary and pre-supplementary motor areas). Our studies of patients with focal lesions and functional imaging in healthy people have led to new theories about the contributions of these brain regions.

Now, we're applying these findings to two syndromes associated with deficits of behavioural control impulsivity and apathy that may be associated with Parkinson's disease and ADHD.

We are funded by The Wellcome Trust and MRC.


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Video of Masud interviewed on Charlie Rose Brain Series with Eric Kandel and others


Group Members

Dr Yee Haur - Mah
Dr Jennifer McBride
Dr Ben Pearson
Dr Yoni Pertzov
Mrs Olga Shapeero
Dr Nihal Sinha
Miss Nahid Zokaei




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Selected reviews & papers:

Hemineglect review in Scholarpedia curated by Masud Husain

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For reprints please e-mail Masud Husain at m.husain@ion.ucl.ac.uk




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